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Free Tiny Small Mini Icons Bullets:

Welcome to the constantly growing Mini Icon Collection.

A appropriate use of mini icons represent quite some added value to many webpages. Don't use too many icons and keep your webpage sober. Too many icons will make a webpage ugly.

 Take care 
It is better if you download the icons, rather than link them to us. That way you don't rely on our icons being present for your webpage.
You can download them by using the Mouse right-click and then select "save image as..."

Feel free to download them and use them for your webpage.
Since some of the here shown icons are not created by us you may not sell them.
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New Mini Awards icons added:

New Mini Awards Icons

Mini Microsoft Office 2007 icons:

New Microsoft Office 2007 Mini Icons

Mini Flags of the world:

Small Mini flags Icons Collection

Small Weather Icon Collection:

Small Mini Weather Icons Collection

Small mini Sports Collection:

Small Mini Sports Icons Collection

Small mini Fruit Collection:

Small Mini Fruit Icons Collection

Small mini Plane Collection:

Small Mini Planes Icon Collection
...over 500 tiny planes added!

Small mini Picture icons Collection:

Small Mini Pictures Icons Collection

Small mini Post-It Notes icons Collection:

Small Mini Post-It Notes Icons Collection

Small mini Heart icons Collection:

Small Mini Heart Icons Collection

Small mini Label icons Collection:

Small Mini Label Icons Collection

Small mini Sounds icons Collection:

Small Mini Sound Icons Collection

Small mini Clocks and Watches icons Collection:

Small Mini Clock and Watch Icons Collection

Small mini Phones and Mobile Phones icons Collection:

Small Mini Phones and Mobile Phones Icons Collection

Diverse Small mini Logos icons Collection:

Small Mini Logos Icons Collection

Small mini Charts icons Collection:

Small Mini Charts Icons Collection

Small mini Emoticons icons Collection:

Small Mini Emoticons Icons Collection

Small mini Pens icons Collection:

Small Mini Pens Icons Collection

Small mini Pins icons Collection:

Small Mini Pins Icons Collection

Small mini Microsoft Office icons Collection:

Small Mini Microsoft Office Icons Collection

Small mini Text File icons - bullets:

Small Mini Text File Icons

Small mini Ecommerce Shopping icons - bullets:

Small Shopping Ecommerce Icons

Small mini Bullets icons Collection:

Small Mini Bullets Collection

Small mini Mushroom icons Collection:

Small Mini Mushroom Icons Collection

Tiny mini arrow and direction icons:

Small Mini Arrows Pfeile Icons Collection

Tiny mini stars icons - bullets:

Small Mini Stars Icons Collection

Tiny mini dices icons - bullets:

Small Mini Dices Icons Collection

Tiny mini signs icons - bullets:

Small Mini Signs Icons Collection

Tiny mini vehicles icons - bullets:

Small Mini Vehicles Icons Collection

Tiny mini travel icons - bullets:

Small Mini Travel Icons Collection

Tiny mini emails icons - bullets:

Small Mini Emails Icons Collection

Tiny mini Chat & Talk:

Small Mini Chat & Talk Icons Collection

Tiny mini Fax & Printers:

Small Mini Fax & Printers Icons Collection

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